Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Art

Not many people are aware of my infatuation with silk screening. Because of my absence of funds for equipment I havent really produced much, but I will let you see some old stuff. Enjoy!

[bottom peice: one color (powder blue) print on golden paper]

[left: 3 color woodcut print (my own design). right: bottom piece: one color (royal blue) print on white paper]

[display of woodcut print along with work from fellow printers]

Since I cant really print much now I guess I will just upload some sketches from my drawing book, and ideas on how I would print them if I could.
<3 Newt


  1. It was you who did it?
    I really like. especially the first picture!


  2. nice...i love especially the teeshirts..how are you doing it!!!


I appreciate your input.

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