Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Art

Not many people are aware of my infatuation with silk screening. Because of my absence of funds for equipment I havent really produced much, but I will let you see some old stuff. Enjoy!

[bottom peice: one color (powder blue) print on golden paper]

[left: 3 color woodcut print (my own design). right: bottom piece: one color (royal blue) print on white paper]

[display of woodcut print along with work from fellow printers]

Since I cant really print much now I guess I will just upload some sketches from my drawing book, and ideas on how I would print them if I could.
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The Cools

Recently I was contacted by a young woman who took interest in my blog. She asked if I was interested in being part of a new site called The Cools. Of course, my curiosity getting the better of me, I instantly agreed. So far the site is extremely exceptional, and I like viewing all the different styles. You should check out my profile: http://www.thecools.com/#!/profile/index/790


[a pair of brown pumps w/ a fuschia bottom: Chernin's]

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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Loads of friends are always asking me, "Where do you get ALL of those printed headbands??", and I have never understood what they meant until the other day. ITS NOT A HEADBAND, its a bandana! I have this bandana that is my absolute favorite, and I usually roll it up and use it as a headband. I have loads of other bandanas, which I usually buy from either a Wal-mart or a drugstore.

[Little sister in the background hahaa]

What I usually do to the bandana is fold it into a triangle. Then, starting at the pointed side, I roll it in. I then tie it to my forhead and push it back. Then I tuck the loose ends under. Maybe on another post I will demonstrate...

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Pump, er Wedge, It Up

I have officially fallen for these odd little shoes called wedges. They're basically the love child of a platform shoe and a bootie. Here are a few examples, my personal favorites, at "to die for" prices:

[Tenley Lace-Up Wedge Boot: Payless : $29.99]

[American Eagle Devin Wedge Oxford: Payless: $29.99]

I will try and remember to post a picture of the pair I choose to buy. I may even buy more than one pair!

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Friday, September 23, 2011


Apparently there is a new rapper in town, and its causing quite an uproar because 1. SHE is a GIRL, and 2. She's WHITE!! Not many caucasion rappers are accepted into the rap world (minus Eminem, of course) and definently not girls.

She is also not your typical girl rapper. She doesnt rap about makeup and expensive brands- she gets down and dirty to the nitty gritty stuff you only hear the guys talk about. She ancourages girls to be loud, and obnoxious because she doesnt want any "quiet b!@%&es on her team".

Kreayshawn (born Natassia Gail Zolot) was born in Cali. She moved from San Francisco to Oakland. She is a part of what she calls "The White Girl Mob" consisting of her and two friends, V Nasty and DJ Lil Debbie. She has two very popular hits out- Bumpin Bumpin and Gucci Gucci.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

KidRiot: "Its Not The Music, Its The Dj."

I am a very BIG music enthusiast, and I have loads of Dj friends. But none of them deserve more recognition than this girl right here. She is a hard working disc jockey that puts in work around the clock. She gives a whole new meaning to late nights and early mornings. Her SoundCloud (http://soundcloud.com/dj-kidriot) is proof enough of how dedicated she is, and her music will astound you. She also has an updated fan page for you Facebook enthusiasts (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-KidRiot/141589062597053). If youre ever looking for some new, catchy music to listen to whether youre cleaning, studying, or just in the dancing mood be sure to check her out. I promise you wont be disappointed :)

HERE'S HER PERSONAL BIO: DJ KidRiot (Amanda Romero) a Southside Chicago DJ started spinning at the age of 16. Before working with music she was always the dancing type, started off breakdancing so she always had a good ear for music. Influenced by some of her closest friends and artist such as Ghetto Division, Second City Underground DJ's and more. She started off using vinyl, she started learning a few things from friends who are also DJ's. KidRiot found a new love, it was DJ'ing, she started off doing family parties then working her way to house parties and clubs. She likes to try out all different types of music to see how the crowd moves to them. Over the past year she has been working more with music and currently learning to produce. Thanks to a few people such as the AudioTekz and Quality Dj KidRiot has stayed focused on music. She is always willing to learn new technics. Currently working on a mixtape that will be released at the end of September. 
<3 Newt
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