Monday, September 12, 2011

KidRiot: "Its Not The Music, Its The Dj."

I am a very BIG music enthusiast, and I have loads of Dj friends. But none of them deserve more recognition than this girl right here. She is a hard working disc jockey that puts in work around the clock. She gives a whole new meaning to late nights and early mornings. Her SoundCloud ( is proof enough of how dedicated she is, and her music will astound you. She also has an updated fan page for you Facebook enthusiasts ( If youre ever looking for some new, catchy music to listen to whether youre cleaning, studying, or just in the dancing mood be sure to check her out. I promise you wont be disappointed :)

HERE'S HER PERSONAL BIO: DJ KidRiot (Amanda Romero) a Southside Chicago DJ started spinning at the age of 16. Before working with music she was always the dancing type, started off breakdancing so she always had a good ear for music. Influenced by some of her closest friends and artist such as Ghetto Division, Second City Underground DJ's and more. She started off using vinyl, she started learning a few things from friends who are also DJ's. KidRiot found a new love, it was DJ'ing, she started off doing family parties then working her way to house parties and clubs. She likes to try out all different types of music to see how the crowd moves to them. Over the past year she has been working more with music and currently learning to produce. Thanks to a few people such as the AudioTekz and Quality Dj KidRiot has stayed focused on music. She is always willing to learn new technics. Currently working on a mixtape that will be released at the end of September. 
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