Friday, September 23, 2011


Apparently there is a new rapper in town, and its causing quite an uproar because 1. SHE is a GIRL, and 2. She's WHITE!! Not many caucasion rappers are accepted into the rap world (minus Eminem, of course) and definently not girls.

She is also not your typical girl rapper. She doesnt rap about makeup and expensive brands- she gets down and dirty to the nitty gritty stuff you only hear the guys talk about. She ancourages girls to be loud, and obnoxious because she doesnt want any "quiet b!@%&es on her team".

Kreayshawn (born Natassia Gail Zolot) was born in Cali. She moved from San Francisco to Oakland. She is a part of what she calls "The White Girl Mob" consisting of her and two friends, V Nasty and DJ Lil Debbie. She has two very popular hits out- Bumpin Bumpin and Gucci Gucci.

<3 Newt

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