Saturday, September 24, 2011


Loads of friends are always asking me, "Where do you get ALL of those printed headbands??", and I have never understood what they meant until the other day. ITS NOT A HEADBAND, its a bandana! I have this bandana that is my absolute favorite, and I usually roll it up and use it as a headband. I have loads of other bandanas, which I usually buy from either a Wal-mart or a drugstore.

[Little sister in the background hahaa]

What I usually do to the bandana is fold it into a triangle. Then, starting at the pointed side, I roll it in. I then tie it to my forhead and push it back. Then I tuck the loose ends under. Maybe on another post I will demonstrate...

<3 Newt


  1. The idea of rolling up a bandana so that it seems to be a headband is very interesting and it shows how creativer you're!
    PS: you've beautiful eyes hun ^^


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