Monday, October 31, 2011

Let's Get Personal (Armpit Edition)

So as most of you know I am a gogo dancer, and that means wearing loads of sleeveless shirts. One problem I have with that is that my armpits (shaven) are a few shades darker than theyre supposed to be. Now I'm not exactly sure what causes this but apparently it can range from numerous reasons. So I googled a way to resolve it, and here's some tips I found:

  • Avoid excessive use of deodorants and perfumes products containing alcohol. This may further lead to discoloration and darkening of armpit. If you do apply wash your armpits before bed or when you are at home. If possible use alcohol free deodorants.
  • Avoid tight clothing as your skin may get irritated due to friction which further leads to darkening. Avoid polyester or synthetic clothing, wear loose cotton clothing instead.
  • Excessive weight or obesity might cause friction within the skin around armpits which will further results in dark armpits and another condition called Acanthosis Nigricans . So try to loose weight as much as possible.
  • Maintain your hygiene. Clean and exfoliate your armpits on regular basis. This will help to remove the impurities and dead skin cells which cause your skin look dark.
There are several home remedies suggested by experts which might help to get rid of dark armpits. If you follow these tips on regular basis you may be free from dark armpits.
  • Rub your armpits with a slice of lemon on regular basis. Remember, lemon may dry out your skin so use one of your favorite moisturizer on your armpits. This will help maintain the moisture while softening and lightening your armpits.
  • Make a paste using a pinch of turmeric powder, a tsp of cucumber juice and a tsp of lime juice and apply the paste. Leave the paste for around 20-30 minutes then rinse.
  • Make a mixture of lime juice and plain yogurt and apply it to your skin. Leave the mixture for around 20-25 minutes then rinse.
  • Make a paste using sandalwood powder and rose water. Then apply the paste to your armpits. When the paste dries out, rinse thoroughly.
  • You can also make a paste using dried orange peel powder and yogurt and apply over the dark underarms. This will also help remove black armpits.
  • Potato is also considered as having natural bleaching properties. You can use potato juice over your underarms to lighten it.
  • Baking soda is also thought to be one of the remedies for dark underarms. You can gently massage the darkened area with baking soda on regular basis.**

**tips courtesy of

So if you ever find yourself ashamed to wear sleeveless clothing because of stupid dark armpits just follow these helpful tips and you should be good to go in no time :)

<3 Newt

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Piece of Me

 Yesterday my mom told me that my closet is swarming with clothes I never wear and if I didnt do something about it she would.  I assume she meant she'd throw out what she didnt like (all the good stuff), so I decided to just sell the stuff I really didnt wear. Its all been worn at least once and then was forgotten in the back of my closet, and I want you guys to enjoy it as much as I have :) So Happy Shopping

[White Floral Cropped Jacket: size 4 $25.00]

[Salmon Pink Buddy Holly Glasses $8.00]

[Salmon Pink Big Ring $5.00]

[Denim Military Cropped Jacket: size medium $30.00]

[Suede Hunter Green Vest: size medium $15.00]

[White Sweater With Lace Back: size small (hole in shoulder) $15.00]

[Black Sequined Vest: size medium $15.00]

<3 Newt

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rising Taste

Check out this AWESOME online store called Rising Taste where they have the cutest clothes for the best prices :) I promise you'lll find something you like!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Go-go Girl

       I know its been a nice minute since I've posted something, but every weekend I have been super busy gogo dancing and job hunting. One morning though my little sister was snooping around my room and accidentally broke one of my favorite mirrors. Though I was mortified, I made the best of the situation and took these awesome pictures. I feel like the broken glass gives these pictures a more interesting composition and provides great closure. What do you think?

Moving on, I will provide you with my gogo dancing outfit of the day. Youre welcome to leave any type of commentary, albeit negative or positive. Have a great day!

[from left to right: Pinky, Newt (me) && Zindie]


Monday, October 3, 2011

Bandana Into Headband How To

I know I promised to show you how I tied my bandana into a headband in my earlier post, and now here it is. Hope you enjoy! Send me your attempts, and I'll post the best one :)

[1. Fold into a triangle] [2. Begin to roll downwards] [3. Tah dah!]

[4. Poor attempt at showing the back of my head] [5. Cross the two ends over in front]

[6. Tie the ends together] [7. Pull them in opposite directions]

[8. Tuck them in under the scarf/headband...]

[9. And tah dah!! You now have a very cute bandana headband :DD]

<3 Newt

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