Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Toms vs. Sanuk

            When it comes to gym shoes, or anything that resembles one I am immediatly turned off. But two types of slip on type shoes have been catching my attention lately. I have convinced myself to get a pair of each, but couldnt bring myself to buy BOTH brands. Help me choose?

            Toms are the more expensive of the two, but that doesnt mean they arent worth it. For every pair of Toms you buy they send a pair to a child in need. They seem extremely comfy, and come in every shade pattern, and texture. But I am still not sure...

            Sank on the other hand is cheaper. It is mainly a big time surfer brand with their shoes being made from recycled flip flops. They are comfy, durable, and super summer chic. Though the undistinguished look of them doesnt win me, they still seem just as good as the Toms.


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