Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maxi Dresses Paired With Vests

Not only are maxi dresses making a comeback, but they are doing so with vests! I never thought such a pair would exist, but channel surfing I was stunned to see them beautifully paired by the lovely Hayley Kiyoko of Disney Channel's Lemonade Mouth. Then days later I began to see the dynamic duo everywhere, being worn by every model, actress, and average joe (or jane haha). So be on the lookout for this look coming to you, or you might already have tried this look. Now I am in search of the perfect maxi dress because I have vests galore haha. So tell me, what do you think goes perfectly with a vest? Leave your comments and links to your picture below <3


  1. Do you think you could get a pic of hayley kiyoko in the black and white maxi dress? I loved it and can't find a pic anywhere!

  2. Dear Camille,
    I also was on a frenzy searching for a picture with Hayley Kiyoko wearing the black and white maxi dress. Unfortunantly I was unable to find one, but will continue my search. I will keep you posted as long as you agree to do the same.


  3. lol thanks so much and i most certainly will! :)

  4. Looking beautiful..
    The vest with maxi dress is looking nice...

    Scavenger Hunt Idea


I appreciate your input.

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